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Monday, 3 March 2014

Cat Whiskers

Walt: Write an Explanation

Cats have special whiskers it helps them feel what's around. It is also useful.

First Cats have twelve whiskers on each side. There are twenty four whiskers all together. When the whiskers are straight it means it is happy and when it is yummy it points up. When the whiskers point back it is scared.

There is also whiskers at the back of the two legs. The cats cannot look from a close range because when they are very close they won’t be able to see properly. That is why there is a whisker at the front of its leg because the  nerves send a message to the brain.

When the cat is going to catch a rat it can sneak up to the rat without bumping into chairs and tables. Also never cut a cat's whiskers because cats will not know what they are doing. A cats whiskers are vital to cat because if they lose their whiskers they will be lost like you having know fingers

Cat whiskers are helpful to cats because it can sense stuff that are close or near the cat.



tane said...

Hi Ifa you have a great explanation story keep it up.
Was it hard to write?

Samuel said...
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Samuel said...

Kia orana Ifa,
Cat whiskers are the most important feature to a cat. If a cat has cut whiskers, the cat will be lost. I like the 2 paragraph in your story because I did not know that the nerves on the back of cats legs send a message to the cats brain. Keep up the great work. What site did you go on to find this information?

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