I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Net - book reflection 2012

When we first had our net - books we were very  excited.  When I got my net - book I thought that we were never again going to use our writing books, topic books, poem books, language book and our reading worksheets book.

The net - book  made our work faster and interesting. When Mrs Grant made our blog we posted some of our writing from Google docs to our blog, but first we had to check it so it made sence.
When we were allowed to make comments we had to be creative and ask question. The main thing about writing comments it to make connection. We also had to be positive online.

The year is almost over and we don't get to use our net - books over the holidays,unless our parents did the net - book training. I feel very sad my dad didn't do the net - book training. I still remember the day we got our net - books. It was on  July 25..  I use my net - book to learn, create and to share. The net - book is very cool.  

Monday, 19 November 2012

The wrong class

One early terrible Friday morning Sam came in a car to school with his friends Ben and Tane. Sam’s mum dropped them off to school. Sam, Ben and Tane were best friends.
The bell rang for morning tea Sam, Ben and Tane were hungry.

Then suddenly Sam’s bag got lost along with his sandwiches.  
His friends said “are you going to eat your lunch.”
Sam said "no."
Ben and Tane said "why?"
Sam said “because I lost my bag.”
Ben said “where did you put it last?"
Sam said “I don’t know.”
Then Tane said “why don’t you know where you put your bag?" he screamed.
Sam started crying and said “why are you screaming at me?"

Two minutes later he found out where his bag was. He found out that he was in the wrong class. Ben and Tane are in Room 8 but Sam is in Room 9. Sam had put his bag in Room 9.

Tane said "next time remember to come to the right class because you will get hungry and start crying."

The Princesses beautiful ball.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a pretty red ball. Every morning she took the ball and played with it behind her Father's castle, near the river.  As usual, she was playing with her ball on Monday when suddenly the ball disappeared from her sight.

She looked all over the castle yard for the ball. She looked under the bushes, but there was no ball there.

She looked in the dungeon, but there was no ball there.

She looked along the river, but there was no ball there.

As she was walking back to the castle, she suddenly saw a strange little man standing  
next to the tree. He was very short, with a long red nose. His ears were large and pointed and he wore a blue pointed hat. He had on a green coat with matching pants.
His shoes were large and blue.

“Have you seen my red ball?” the little girl asked him.

“Yes”, said the man. “You threw it at Ame. The ball is now mine.”

“Please give it to me”, pleaded the girl. “My Dad will give you lots of money.”

“I don’t want any money. I have millions of dollars” said the man.

“What do you want then?” asked the girl. “My Dad will give you anything.”
“I want fly!” said the man.

“Fly? how can we do that?” asked the girl.

“I’ll make you fly,” said the King “but first give my daughter her ball.”

The man gave the girl her red ball. She was overjoyed. She took the ball and ran to the castle. The King pulled the man to the edge of the cliff. Then he threw him over.
“There you are flying now” said the King.

“AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa,” screamed the man as he fell into the river at the bottom of the cliff. He never came back again.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

At The Mysterious Zoo

Early beautiful morning Koliata, Siua and Sam went to the zoo. They saw lots of animals.
Sam said “ I am gonna go look at the lion.”
Siua said “you can go cause me and Koliata are going to get some chips.”
Koliata said “hurry my tummy’s rumbling, I want to eat.

When Sam went to look at the lion, the lion was missing.
Sam said “where is the lion?
The Ranger said “it escaped, know it will scare all the people that came to the zoo.
Sam said “even my friends?
“yes the Ranger said”, and where are you friends?
“they are buying some chips at the bakery.”
“Oh! no your friends are gonna die.”
“How do you know?”
“Cause the lion always go to the bakery when it hungry.”
“So we have to go and get my friends, and tell them the lion is coming to eat us.”

So the Ranger and Sam went to save Sam friends from the lion. Two minutes later Sam and the Ranger arrived, they ran so fast.
Sam said “we have to get out of here because the lion is gonna eat us and the other people.”
Koli said “there’s no one here thats why we are waiting for our chips.
The Ranger said “this bakery is close that’s why no one here!
“So there’s no bakery.”

"So we should get out of here and go back home cause I think the lion is going to chase."When they got home they went to sleep and when they woke up they didn't know what happen. When they went outside they saw the lion. To be continued ........

A Lot Of Fitness

At triathlon we do swimming,biking and running. It is so awesome but some of the students complain.They say they com third,second and first when they didn’t but we don’t mind. Where we had triathalon was at our school.The swimming was in the pool,the biking was on the asphalt and the running was on the field.

I love triathlon it is fun and a lot of fitness. When we had it, it was on the 23d of March on Autumn and the time was at 10.30.
When we had our race it was room 9 vs room 8 it was the same as the girls. I hope triathlon came again.

The Magnificent 4x100 Meter Relays

My favourite Olympic Sport is 4x100 meter relays.
This sport is played on court .
It is a team/individual sport. It is a individual sport

The current Olympic Champion for4x100 meter is Jamaica.

4x100 meter relays is my favourite sport because it  tells me about how it keeps you fit.
You can wake up in the morn and then go for a run on the field. You can also go to the gym and maintain for an hour.

Another reason, running s my favourite sport is cause [tell me about fame/money]
When you are famous you’ll get a lot of money and you’ll live in a big house and be very very rich and people will get excited and they will give you $ 100,000

The next reason is it  tells me about enjoyment
like if you win a match they watch you run around but when you see Usain Bolt win he will do ten or nine push up.

Finally, I know what my favourite sport is it the 4x100 meter relays is my favourite sport because my favourite runner is Usain Bolt.

From the reasons I have given above, you can see that my favourite sport is 4x100 meter relays. It is played on court and it is an individual sport and the champion of my sport is Usain Bolt.

The Birds Outside Room9

From Auckland the birds would fly from our country to another country every time the weather changes from Summer to Winter and Winter to Summer.  Today the birds came to Glen Innes School because  they wanted to  lay eggs and making nests.

A fierce, scary bird came to school. It was an Hast Eagle, a dangerous bird predator,  and it looked very hungry and wanted to hunt its prey. All the birds stopped moving and tried to stand as still as a statue. Then the Hast Eagle looked at little sparrow very closely in the eye. The Sparrow was going to fly away but then it fainted, because the Hast eagle is so scary and big. Then a Sea Eagle came. It was yaping so much I think it could rap.  “Yummy food for me,” thought the Hast eagle.  Then the hast eagle flew up and it came down very fast like a meteor, it opened it’s mouth very wide, ready to eat the Sea Eagle. The Hast eagle with its brown wings, yellow beak, black claws and a black and yellow eye was almost on the Sea Eagle..

Then Sam came and had something delicious for the Hast eagle. It was something to make it sleep  but it smelled yummy. The bird came down very slowly and took one bite and the Hast eagle went to sleep. Sam took the Hast Eagle to the zoo.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Black Awesome Net book.

Dear Mum

Dear mum It was a beautiful day. I was so happy because we were going to get our shiny, black, cool netbook. Thank you mum for the netbook I will have fun and look after it. We went to the hall to get our netbooks we got it in a square box made out of cardboard.Then we opened the box it .Then all of us took the N.B out of the white cover and opened it and turned it on it looked cool.I did not expect to get a bag like Etai. My favourite part is when we took the netbook out.I expected that the colour would be red.

The netbook will help me by doing my spelling, writing, maths and english.It will also help me with my research on the internet like the olympics and the five rings that are Blue,Black,Red,Yellow and green.
So we played sumdog it was fun cause we had our own password and username.I love N.B cause I will miss you in the weekends.Now the netbook is easier to work with and it is fun.

Thank you mum for the $200 dollars you spent on my netbook I am having fun with it at school thank you for everything Mom I love you.

You Son