I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Friday, 25 September 2015

Thank You Ms Parkes

Glen Innes School

24 September 2015

Dear Ms Parkes

Thank you for helping me with writing. I think that I have improved with my punctuation and sentences. I also thank you for teaching my teacher so that she could teach me. I like learning new powerful words.

I enjoyed doing the four by four poem. It was very easy and the other students enjoyed it. Our class also enjoyed doing the diamante poem. Our diamante poem was about the Black Piranha. The only topic I needed help in is the information report.

I am doing well at editing my work. I check for any errors and I check to see if my sentences make sense. I know that if you use powerful words for your work it would be interesting for the reader. I am just not good at keeping my paragraph to one aspect.

Next term I plan to improve my paragraphs. I will start with a topic sentence and  write only details about that in one paragraph.

I appreciate your help and I thank you for that. For my writing assessment I hope to use your ideas.

Yours sincerely


Monday, 21 September 2015

RWC 2015 New Zealand vs Argentina

In the rugby world cup 2015 Aaron smith scored a try. The score was 26 - 16. In the first half New Zealand was winning. Then in the second half Argentina was scoring tries. New Zealand got two yellow cards.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Three Wishes

While planting oak trees at the park, Wesley, Alyssa and I found a old dirty lamp. I decided to wipe the dirt off the lamp when suddenly a blue genie appeared and said he would grant us three wishes. Each of us was allowed one wish.

For my wish I choose Honesty. I have chosen Honesty because I don’t lie if it is bad. I want to start telling the truth to my family and friends and not to lie at home either. I should also start to compliment people not for the sake of it. Also when I witness something bad I have to discourage it or if it is really bad I get a teacher. I should do this by hanging out with honesty people.  

My wish is I want to be diligent . If I’ll be diligent  I will  give 100% in school work,  constantly be busy by doing my work and homework and I will be attentive. I will do my work and not get distracted by the others in class. I have shown diligence in room 9. I am going to work even harder.

I said, “Genie my wish is to be Loyal to my friends.” I am loyal to my parents at home. I help them at home with the dishes and cleaning our house. I am also loyal to my Nana because she is old. Everytime she goes to hang out by herself I go with her to check
if she is ok. Lastly I am loyal to my friends at school. I stick up for my friend Dion when ever he gets bullied by the boys in Room nine and ten. Sometimes when I try help Dion they would get their friends from room 12 and then they start wanting to fight. So I just need to not be very aggressive when I stick up for my friends or else it would get overboard. I also need to help my parents everyday instead of three days a week.

After that, the Genie gave us the three wishes. The blue genie disappeared back into the old lamp. We were all happy after that day.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Easttle - Maths


In this e-asttle test I didn’t do very well. I am very below my national standard. I only progressed in the stuff that I knew. In this e-asttle test I need to learn how to classify numbers by factors and multiplication including prime numbers. The second one I need to learn is to write a fraction as a decimal, and a decimal as a fraction. In the next assessment I do I hope I would get a 4p and over.