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Monday, 19 November 2012

The wrong class

One early terrible Friday morning Sam came in a car to school with his friends Ben and Tane. Sam’s mum dropped them off to school. Sam, Ben and Tane were best friends.
The bell rang for morning tea Sam, Ben and Tane were hungry.

Then suddenly Sam’s bag got lost along with his sandwiches.  
His friends said “are you going to eat your lunch.”
Sam said "no."
Ben and Tane said "why?"
Sam said “because I lost my bag.”
Ben said “where did you put it last?"
Sam said “I don’t know.”
Then Tane said “why don’t you know where you put your bag?" he screamed.
Sam started crying and said “why are you screaming at me?"

Two minutes later he found out where his bag was. He found out that he was in the wrong class. Ben and Tane are in Room 8 but Sam is in Room 9. Sam had put his bag in Room 9.

Tane said "next time remember to come to the right class because you will get hungry and start crying."


Mone said...

Ifa what colour is Samuels car? I thought it was blue or red, maybe green. Please tell me I don't know the colour?

Ifa said...

Hi Mone the colour is green

Samuel said...

Hi Ifa

I liked your story about Sam losing his bag in a wrong class. I also liked it when Sam said I lost my bag. What colour was Sam's bag?

Ifa said...

The colour of the bag was black and gold and it said active.

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