I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Skinnies Vs Fatties

“Look,” At me shouted the little boy I’m fool I’m fool. The little boy just finish eating six boxes of KFG. It was the most famous place to eat at. He would always have a Gas Tank meal on a very cold day in the afternoon.

The problem was that the fatties would always show off with their money and food at school. They would always boss the skinnies around. The skinnies said,
“Cherr butter buy us a KFG bro.”
The fatties would always say,

Then there came a time when the skinnies mocked the fatties. All the skinnies would mock him and call them,
“Pork chop tena koko buy us some KFG.”
The fatties go so angry so they had a war.

When they had a war there was a challenge who ever would eat the most food will win. This was a easy win for the skinnies because the skinnies had never eaten in days. the challenge was on. The skinnies won.
“Haha we beat you, shame.”

The next game was tiger war. It was very funny because who ever lost they will have to step in the horse poop. On this challenge the fatties won. So the skinnies had to step in the poop.
“Yes we won just need one more.”

The final battle was at the cafeteria it was a food fight if the skinnies won then the fatties will not boss the skinnies and if the fatties won then the fatties will have control of the skinnies again. So they had the food fight. Ten minutes later it was one on one. One more hit than one team will win. The skinny grabbed a hotdog and threw it on Lutley. The skinnies won.
“That is why you do not boss us around.”

The next day the skinnies were happy. When they went back to school it was normal. One thing was that the fatties had to clean the cafeteria.
One skinny came and said,


Samuel said...

Kia Ora Ifa,
Your narrative about the Skinnies vs the Fatties is very funny. I like how you made up a fast food place in stead of using KFC. I also liked how you added why you should not boss us around. Where did you get the idea for this narrative?

Wesley said...

Malo lelei Ifa
Your narrative is very interesting. Your narrative is very funny about the fatties vs the Skinnies. I really like your idea. How long did it take you to write your story?

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