I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Commemorating Anzac Day


Today we assembled the crosses into the dirt to remember the soldiers who died in war. The poppies we were wearing were to remember the soldiers who still serve and died. After that Room 12 assembled their crosses into the dirt. Wesley and I made a cross. On the cross was Donald Forrester Brown name.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

NZ War Heroes

Screenshot 2015-04-23 at 12.44.00 PM.pngyolo.jpg

Donald Forrester Brown was from North Otago, Dunedin. His rank in the army was a Sergeant. Donald Forrester Brown was the first member of the NZEF to win a Victoria Cross on the Western Front. Donald Forrester Brown was born 1880 and died in October 1 1916. He died at the age of 26. Donald Forrester Brown was awarded                     Victoria Cross in April 1917. Donald Forrester Brown was single and died in war.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Write A Letter

Walt: Write A Letter

Peak Camp
1 April 1915

Dear Mum & Dad

My life here is very good. I have made new friends and we like to play cards. I sleep in a trench. I sometimes play cards and when we finish doing that I cook for the soldiers. There are only Fifty cookers that cook for the soldiers.

The food that we eat here were chocolate, cake, tobacco and tinned food. Every soldier here ate one pound of meat, the same amount in bread and 8 ounces of vegetables each day.

I get very sick from the smell when we stay in the trenches. I hate it very much because there are rats as big as cats and the mud is very sticky. When it rains the mud sometimes comes onto my bed and my blanket and that get very stiff.

We always get ordered to wake up 2:30. We have to wake up very early because we have to get our stuff ready and walk to the next camp site. When we got there it was 4:30 so it was a one hour walk.

One day I had shooting practise and then the Germans attacked us. I almost got shot. There were like ten or twelve. Then I ran over and helped my friend. One of the New Zealanders were wounded and two were killed. We shot only ten and the other two retreated and went back to their trench.

How are my little brothers and and sister. I wish they are doing good at school. Can you tell nana I love her and to tell Watson to do good in school. I miss all of you and I hope I come back.

Your Loving Son

Ifa Mapa

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Problem Solving With Mrs Bina


Today I learnt maths with a different teacher.  Her name was Mrs Bina and she is the maths facilitator in New Zealand. Mrs Bina is very smart. Mrs Bina put us into groups of three but one group had four. It was difficult. The problem that she gave to us was about fractions. I learnt that three fifteenths is also one fifth. The next thing I would like to learn is integers.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Trenches - Working In A Group

This is our trench that our team mead. the colour of the mud was brown and the sandbags are grey. We did this because we are studying the WW1.

When Tane, Koliata and I made a trench it was fun. We were good working in a group. The easy part was when we were making the trench with playdough. We planned in our book..The hard part was when we were painting it. In our trench we had food, gun, sandbags and grass. I think it is easy working in a group instead of working by yourself. The next thing I would like to learn is about the guns that they used in World War 1.