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Monday, 19 November 2012

The Princesses beautiful ball.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a pretty red ball. Every morning she took the ball and played with it behind her Father's castle, near the river.  As usual, she was playing with her ball on Monday when suddenly the ball disappeared from her sight.

She looked all over the castle yard for the ball. She looked under the bushes, but there was no ball there.

She looked in the dungeon, but there was no ball there.

She looked along the river, but there was no ball there.

As she was walking back to the castle, she suddenly saw a strange little man standing  
next to the tree. He was very short, with a long red nose. His ears were large and pointed and he wore a blue pointed hat. He had on a green coat with matching pants.
His shoes were large and blue.

“Have you seen my red ball?” the little girl asked him.

“Yes”, said the man. “You threw it at Ame. The ball is now mine.”

“Please give it to me”, pleaded the girl. “My Dad will give you lots of money.”

“I don’t want any money. I have millions of dollars” said the man.

“What do you want then?” asked the girl. “My Dad will give you anything.”
“I want fly!” said the man.

“Fly? how can we do that?” asked the girl.

“I’ll make you fly,” said the King “but first give my daughter her ball.”

The man gave the girl her red ball. She was overjoyed. She took the ball and ran to the castle. The King pulled the man to the edge of the cliff. Then he threw him over.
“There you are flying now” said the King.

“AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa,” screamed the man as he fell into the river at the bottom of the cliff. He never came back again.


Moko said...
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Timothy said...

Hi what a funny story what is up with that scream it was caps lock then it was a lower case funny. keep it up and good work.

Koliata said...


Moko said...

Hi Ifa have you looked after your net-book.
Ifa I have read your blog and it is so interesting.
Ifa does the netbook look beautiful.
This story is so positive.

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