I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Yesterday we learned about cogs. We made two cog wheels and we brought it both together. When we brought it together, we also had to make a hole so the pencil can go through. When we put the pencil through the hole we could spin them. When we spin one wheel both cogs moved. Mr. Ramkolowan taught us how to make the cogs. We made the cogs out of cardboard. Then we drew teeth and cut it out. We all had different sizes of cogs. Tamim and Melissa had the biggest cogs and Pareata and I had the second smallest cogs. It is fun to make cogs.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

All about me

Hi my name is Ifa and I was born New Zealand,Auckland at Middlemore hospital. I am a Tongan but born in New Zealand. I go to Glen Innes School on Eastview Rd in Glen Innes.

I am 10 years old and I am the eldest child in the family. In my family I have four brothers and one sisters. So that means there’s six children in my family. We all had to move to Auckland because my nana’s husband died and she was lonely. So we had to move to her house and go to Glen Innes School.

I like to eat steak because they are chewy, bananas because they are nutritious, chocolate cake because they have nice chocolate icings, Kfc because it’s delicious and bbq pork on rice because they are fantastic.

My favourite colours are blue, black, red, yellow, purple, green and white. I like to play rugby, softball, soccer, basketball and rugby league and at school I like to do more reading and writing and Topic Study.

I am the 1st fastest in my family and I am the smartest child. My dad favourite child is my fat brother. Watson and my mums favourite child is Me, Lillian, and David my little brother and sister. But Lillian is the oldest. Everyday we come back from church on Sunday we have a feed at Valentines. I really like weekends because there is no school.

Every Saturday we have a Rugby game me and my cousin are in the same team. I am the second fastest in the team.The fastest boy in our team is Josiah. I think that he is faster than Siua.

I love my family very much especially my mum. Lots of people say that boys best friends are their dads and girls best friends are their mum.  

My Friends are:


Thursday, 7 March 2013



It was a very wet day and Rugger wasn’t looking to the day’s rugby match. Rugger left for his game.
“What a horrible yucky day.”Rugger got changed in a cold concrete changing room.

“Brrr! it’s cold in here as well!.”
“Is it ever going to stop raining said” Reggae.
“It’s also very muddy said” Ramsey.The game started and soon all the rain, wind and cold were forgotten.

“It might be a little bit warm in here.”
The day was very wet and Rugger was beginning to enjoy himself. Everyone was slipping and sliding in the mud and slush.
“Yuck said Jono.”
“What does mud taste like? Rugger loved to splash it the puddles.
“This is fun.”
“My socks are wet.”

Learn how to swim


When we went swimming I saw the coaches. I was very excited. first they had to test us. When they were testing us I had to partner up with Kaufana.

We had to swim half a length and then come back the coaches said that me and Kaufana were in group two. The coaches told us that they will always come on tuesdays and thursdays.

Sometimes I don’t bring my togs and sometimes I don’t feel like swimming. When we start to have a swim we always have to have a shower and when we get into the pool we have to go our coaches.

I love to go swimming because it helps you swim if are stuck in the middle of the sea and if you can’t swim you will drown