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Friday, 16 October 2015

A Trip To Rainbows End

“Slam!” Goes the car door. Eleven o’clock in the morning my whole family jumped into the car with enjoyment. We were going to Rainbows End. This was our 5th time. We went to celebrate my little brothers birthday. He just turned three.

First we entered Rainbows End. We were all happy. We just couldn’t decide which ride we should go on. We looked on the map. There was a lot of rides that we could go on. My little brothers wanted to go to the Arcade so that he could get a teddy bear.

Next we went onto the rides. I almost went on all the rides. I felt very dizzy when I went on the power surge. It was spinning my head round and round. My favourite ride was the Invader. When I went on the invader I could almost see everything.

After that we were eating. We had a bbq at the eating  area. We had sausages and chicken nibbles. It was very delicious. my Mum bought us some chips. We were very full after that. Then my mum got the cake and lit it up. I loved the cake. We got it from the cheesecake shop. Then we sang happy birthday.

Thereafter we were playing on the bumper cars. I was trying bump my dad. Out of nowhere was my mum. “Bam!” She hit me on the back of my car. I was laughing. Everyone started hitting me after I got stuck. The workers helped me get back on the track and the time for us was out.

Finally we went home. Some of us were sleeping while we were driving back. I played on my Mum’s phone. After that I fell to sleep and dropped her phone. It almost left a crack. I was so tense after that.

I was so happy that we celebrated my brother's birthday at Rainbows End. I wish we do it again Next year.


Samuel said...

Kia Ora Ifa,
I like your post about Rainbows End. It makes me want to go there myself. I have never been to Rainbows End. Also happy birthday to your little brother. I know its a bit late. What is it like in Rainbows End?

Wesley said...

Kia Ora Ifa,
I like your post about Rainbows End.I have been to Rainbows End once. Di you make it on all the rides?

Koliata said...

Talofa Lava Ifa
It's awesome how you explain your emotions. I've been to Rainbows End Five time too. Did you spew up.

Munokoa said...

Kia Orana Ifa
I have enjoyed reading your story about rainbows end I was just there at rainbows end on Saturday but I didn't see you. What was the scariest ride? My one was the stratosphere, and the fear fall.

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