I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Friday, 25 September 2015

Thank You Ms Parkes

Glen Innes School

24 September 2015

Dear Ms Parkes

Thank you for helping me with writing. I think that I have improved with my punctuation and sentences. I also thank you for teaching my teacher so that she could teach me. I like learning new powerful words.

I enjoyed doing the four by four poem. It was very easy and the other students enjoyed it. Our class also enjoyed doing the diamante poem. Our diamante poem was about the Black Piranha. The only topic I needed help in is the information report.

I am doing well at editing my work. I check for any errors and I check to see if my sentences make sense. I know that if you use powerful words for your work it would be interesting for the reader. I am just not good at keeping my paragraph to one aspect.

Next term I plan to improve my paragraphs. I will start with a topic sentence and  write only details about that in one paragraph.

I appreciate your help and I thank you for that. For my writing assessment I hope to use your ideas.

Yours sincerely



Samuel said...

Ming Ga La Ba Ifa,
I liked working with Ms Parkes because she helped me get my writing better. I hope she did the same to you. I think your writing is better because I enjoy reading your writing. What did you like when Ms Parkes helped us?

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