I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Friday, 3 May 2013

The undercover FBI

Once upon a time there lived a big, dirty, scary shark. He was named after a kind FBI, Jaws.

One day Jaws went kayaking with his family.  Amanda asked if there are any sharks at Kay Kay Bay?  Jaws never answered he just stared at the sea. In his head he was thinking should I take them back to shore or leave them here and let a shark come and chase us. But the a small angel stood on his shoulders and said “take your family and yourself back to shore.”
But then a small devil appeared out of know where and said “ Leave them here so you could have a little trip to Rangitoto. But jaws listened to the angel.

In two hours they were back at the beach. They were making sand castle and having a BBQ. They called all their friends and family. Suddenly Jaws said “Where is Angel ?”
Simon said “She is on the kayak going to Rangitoto.
Jaws said “Why didn't you tell me?”
Simon Said “You never asked.”
Jaws found a jetski. He turned it on and went to Angel.
Angel said “This is very hard I am going to rest.” Suddenly the boat shook, Angel was terrified.

Then Jaws came. He said “hop on we are going to have a bumpy ride.” Angel felt happy and started screaming, "I am saved by my Dad."

But the shark was right at the back of them. So Jaws put the gear on seven. The jetski went very, very fast.  They got back at the beach and hopped into the car.
Jaws was upset. he told Simon and Angel some rules. His rule was:
No more leaving without telling your parents.


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