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Monday, 8 July 2013

The King That Sacrificed His Brother

The King That Sacrificed His Brother
19 BC. Many, many years ago there was a kind king, his name was Ifa he was king for about two days.( His father died and his name was Kasi he died at the age of 56. He was the old king. Then Watson father killed him so now Ifa is the king). Every morning Ifa always went and said good morning to the people.
Suddenly one day a very evil king from another country and his name was  Watson. He was the king of evil. He lived with his old grandma Rene and his evil cousins Teola, Harrison, Amanaki, Sofron and Sese. The was a war between the two Brothers, one that is kind and one that is evil.
Since 28 BC there was war Watson had scouts and Ifa had warriors. Ifa could control the animals and every living thing but Watson could only control the undead. Ifa had a very strong brother Keaneau. He was Watson arch enemy. so the war never stop. Keaneau said
“Two will stand and one will fall!”.
In 30 BC the war ended so Ifa and Keaneau won the war. But then Watson had a sword he almost stabbed Keaneau, so Ifa  jumped and sacrificed  Keaneau he was crying like a baby then Ifa said
“Keaneau don’t cry and remember when I die you will be king”.     
“please don’t Ifa I need you alive.”
“don’t worry Keaneau because when I die you will have my powers.”
Few minutes later Keaneau had all Ifa’s powers. Two seconds later Keaneau saw Watson. Next Keaneau picked him up and threw him into the  Nile River but before he threw him he took out his brains and took out his guts and stuffed him up with cotton. Next he threw him into the Nile River. When Keaneau threw him he went down the waterfall and never to be seen again.
In 3 weeks later they had a funeral it was for Ifa, after Ifa died, he still remembered when Ifa said “he was King.”  Keaneau took Ifa to the Nile River and he floated. He went straight into a pyramid he wore a beautiful golden mask with blue design. After that they locked up the pyramid. So the Artist and the scribe were painting and writing on the walls what had happened.  
This story was about when Ifa sacrificed his brother Keaneau and gave him all his powers and said he was king.   


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