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Saturday, 19 October 2013

TiriTiri Matangi

TiriTiri Matangi Island


My information is about a Kiwi. The maori word for Kiwi is Kiwi. This bird cannot fly. The kiwi only comes out at night time and sometimes in the afternoon.
Description :

The colour of a kiwi is brown. The colour of the eye is black. There is a little bit of white and black.

Size :
The great spotted kiwi is the largest kiwi. It weighs 3.3 kg for females and 2.4 for males.
Eats :
Kiwi primarily eat earthworms, fruit, seeds, fungi, insect larvae and other invertebrates. They have been known to eat eels, freshwater crayfish, small lizards and even frogs.

Enemies :
Enemies of the kiwi are introduced species such as cats, dogs and stoats. Kiwi’s are

Conclusion :

Kiwi’s are flightless. When there is an enemy around kiwi’s like to camouflage into the brown leaves. When the enemy is gone the kiwi’s come out of the leaves.


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