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Monday, 12 May 2014

We need mouthguards to play sport

Walt: Write a persuasive speech.

Mouthguards are very important in sport. Mouthguards are made of plastic and it goes into your mouth. It protects your teeth from falling out while playing sport. You need a mouthguard for rugby, rugby league and boxing. I think people should wear a mouthguard because when a person has been tackled he might Accidentally kick you in the face. You might not know that some of your teeth will come off

Mouthguards help prevent chips, cracks, knockouts and other any big impacts. People that do not wear mouthguards are ignoring the rules. The people that wear mouthguards are good because they do not ignore the rules.

Wearing no mouthguards will cause chips and crack in your teeth. Mouthguards help reduce chance of concussion. It also protects jaw joints against injury. It helps prevent injuries to the jaw and neck. It also protects soft tissues from injuries. Lastly it cushions teeth against impact.

To make the mouthguard fit in your mouth you’ll have to mould it in hot water. Then you wear it. You bite on to it for two minutes. When the two minutes are up you can put it back into the case and leave it for the next time you play sport.

We all know that mouthguards are vital in contact sport.  Most people agree that people that are not wearing mouthguards are ignoring the rules.


Samuel said...

Hello Ifa,
you have good reasons why people should wear mouthguards. It is bad for people to ignore the mouthguard rule. When I play impact sports, I will always make sure that I wear mouthguards. If you get to play impact sports, will you wear a mouthguard?

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