I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Friday, 19 September 2014

10 Questions On Leave

1. What was Jade hiding?
She was hiding her mother’s hat.

2. What is the author's purpose?
The author’s purpose is to tell us that never feel sad when your mum or dad go to work because they can come back.

3. What is the main Idea in this story?
The main idea in this story is that jade didn’t to go to the army because she thought that she would die
4. Why did Jade's mum have to go back to the army?
Because she had to go build a school for the kids.

5. How did Jade feel when her mum was leaving?

6. What is the toy camel’s name?

7. What did mum show photographs of?
She showed them picture of men with unique names.

8. How did Jade feel when her mum gave her the toy camel?
Very happy

9. What is the story about?
This story is about her mum going to the army and Jad doesn't want her to go because she might die.

10. What did Jades camel look like?
It is a animal with two humps on its back and it can be used to ride in the desert.


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