I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Monday, 16 March 2015

The Best Holiday

Bump! A ball just smashed my brothers head. It was very funny. My family and cousin were there. We were at a hall. The game we were playing was dodge ball.

On a tuesday we celebrated my cousin’s birthday. We were playing at a hall. Outside was a bouncy castle and we were playing touch, rugby and ripper rugby. It was fun but first we were eating. My mum and I made Otai, brownies, sushi, chicken and spaghetti bolognese. It was delicious. My cousins, uncles and aunties made salads.

After eating that delicious meal we got into a water fight. I forgot to bring some spare clothes so I dodge all the water balloons. I only hit by one balloon but it didn’t pop on me. So I had two more balloons left. I threw one on my mum and one on my cousin. They got so angus they tipped a bucket filled with ice on me. It was cold.

The next game was ripper rugby. I only got five tries. I got to intercepts and three runaways. I older cousin tried to get a try so I dived and ripped off his tag. My cousin was very fast when he scored the next try. The score was 25 and 15. My team won.

Finally it was time to light the cake. The cake looked very awesome It had a batman cape on one side of the cake and a superman cape of the other side. When we ate the cake it made me full. My favourite thing to eat was the otai. It was tasty.  

After the birthday we went home. Keaneau, Watson and I went to sleep. From the birthday to my house was very long. So we stopped at the Burger King and bought a drink. It was the best day ever.


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