I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Friday, 14 August 2015

NZ Mug Design

Walt: Design our own NZ Milo mug.

First we had to design our own NZ mug. My one was mixed with some Maori and some of my culture. We had to draw 5 or 6 designs on a piece of paper, then I chose one and it was this one. After that Mrs. Ramkolowan gave us a mug. We had to re-draw our design with a pencil on the mug. Next we had to outline it with a marker, so it would look attractive.


Samuel said...

Kia Ora Ifa,
I like your NZ Milo mug because it has a lot of details. It also has the patterns we would have in New Zealand. I made a mug but I used Maori words. Keep up the good art because you are good at making art. What gave you the idea to do this pattern for the mug?

benjamin said...

Ming Ga La ba Ifa,
I really like you Milo mug design. Your design is very New Zealand like. I made a cup too but, mine was a multi-cultural. Did you like doing art every Friday Afternoon?

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