I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Friday, 27 November 2015

Making A Chain

Making a chain

Walt: 1.Write a recount
         2.Integrate maths and writing
On Monday morning we made a paper chain. We did this because our focus was to make the longest chain in the class. My partner was Tane. We made the chain out of A5 paper

First we estimated how long our chain would be. My estimation was 140 centimeters. Tane’s estimation was 179 cm. We had a discussion about our estimation and we went with mine. We had a pattern that went green, green, red, red.

Next we cut the paper into strips. We had to make the strips even. We didn’t cut it straight. Our cutting was very crooked. Only the green paper strips were big and the red were small. After we cut it we connected the strips with the tape that was given to us.
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Thereafter we measured the chain. It was more than one meter. We grabbed the other one meter ruler and measured it. Our chain was 192 cm long. If we pulled the chain it would of been more than two meters.
Finally we compared the measurement with our estimation. My estimation was close but not close enough. If we chose Tane’s estimation we would of been more closer than my one. Then we compared our chain with the student's chain. The longest chain made in our class was Viliami’s chain. His was 3 m and 83 cm.

I think that if we cut it more thinner it would of been more longer and if it had a lot of width it would be shorter.


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