I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Haunted Tui

Characters : Paula, Moko, Room 9, Mr. Ramklowen, Mary-Ann, Barbara, Driver

Vehicles : Ferry  

When Room 9  went to TiriTiri Matangi we saw a large bird. It was the Tui. It had big black eyes and a yellow beak with black spots. It had white feathers at the bottom of its head.  

The Tui was on a large branch. The branch had worms and bugs. When Moko saw it the Tui started chasing him. The Tui chased him into the cave. In the cave there was gold, Moko took lots of gold and put them into his pocket. When the Tui came into the cave Moko threw a rock at the bird and the bird fell to the ground. When the bird fell, it went into a big hole there was more gold there. So Moko found a sack and took the gold. After that Moko covered the hole with poo and rocks.

After a while Paula and Moko went into the Ferry. The class came but when they came the ferry was already gone so Mr.Ramklowen and the class stayed overnight.

Problem:After a while all the tui’s surrounded Moko’s ferry and started attacking The ferry. Two minutes later a Shark came out of the bottom and ate Paula Legs. She was screaming Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! .Moko started crying. Than a angel talked to Moko his name was Ifa. He asked Moko questions but Moko didn’t want to answer any of them because his mouth was stitched up. So Moko tried and tried to unstitch his mouth.   

Solution: 3 hours later Moko answered one question and everything stopped. Moko started celebrating but the ferry ran into a Big large clift. When the ferry hit the cliff two big humongous rocks fell onto the ferry and crushed the ferry into little pieces.

Conclusion: When we went home we went to Moko house and told his mum that we couldn't find Moko so they had a funeral.


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