I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Monday, 9 December 2013

The Beach

One beautiful hot morning Charles went to the beach. Emma and John were in a hurry. On the news it said,
“Do not got to the beach or else there will be a tsunami and a volcano erupting.” Charles didn’t care so he went to the beach. When they got to the beach Charles gave Emma $10 and gave John $5. Emma said,
“Thank you.”
After that that Emma and John came back to Charles They went for a swim. While they were swimming one big ocean washed out Emma. John was laughing. Emma said, “There is sea water in my mouth, yuck!.”
Charles saw another big wave it was chasing John. John said,
“help! help!” But no one wanted to help him. Then one Humongous wave washed out John, Charles and Emma.

Then they got back in their car. Emma screamed. She screamed as loud as a tiger and John ran as fast as a rabbit. Charles said “theres going to be a tsunami. So everyone got out of the sea. But it was too late There was already a Volcano erupting. Emma and John started crying. There was this man name Moko he was scared too but some of the lava went on Moko’s head. Moko’s head melted and one big lava rock squashed him. Charles, John and Emma drove to the tallest Mountain in Auckland. They were safe there. They rested on top of the Mountain for a little bit. when they woke up they saw all the car floating.

They Jumped from one car to another while they were jumping from car to car all the water they saw two childrens trying to get out of the car. Charles took the two children out of the car. They told Charles their names. Their names were Ifa and Timothy. After two hours there was a waterfall all the car fell into the hole There was one large gate blocking all the water. It was a house when. There were lots of people living in that house there was also food and bars and Mcdonalds and KFC. All the water went into the hole and the Soldiers open the gate For the people that were on the Mountain. When they got of the Mountain they slipped and slid down the long muddy mountain they were going as fast as a cheetah. Ifa and Timothy saw both their parents. They were happy.

After that they provided food for them and water for them to drink. They were very tired so they went to sleep in their house they had the their own tv and they also had their own room but they shared the house with the other families. They also made the own tent for other people to sleep in. It was warm. In the morning they went to the pools Charles made one big wave with his hands and said,
“ Watch out there's a tsunami.” Then they started laughing. When they came back from the pools there was one big parade everyone joined the parade and everyone had fun.

The moral of this story is to listen to what the news says and worn others and to tell them what going to happen. If you don’t listen to whatever the news say there is going to be something bad happening.  

By Ifa


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