I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Birds Outside Room9

From Auckland the birds would fly from our country to another country every time the weather changes from Summer to Winter and Winter to Summer.  Today the birds came to Glen Innes School because  they wanted to  lay eggs and making nests.

A fierce, scary bird came to school. It was an Hast Eagle, a dangerous bird predator,  and it looked very hungry and wanted to hunt its prey. All the birds stopped moving and tried to stand as still as a statue. Then the Hast Eagle looked at little sparrow very closely in the eye. The Sparrow was going to fly away but then it fainted, because the Hast eagle is so scary and big. Then a Sea Eagle came. It was yaping so much I think it could rap.  “Yummy food for me,” thought the Hast eagle.  Then the hast eagle flew up and it came down very fast like a meteor, it opened it’s mouth very wide, ready to eat the Sea Eagle. The Hast eagle with its brown wings, yellow beak, black claws and a black and yellow eye was almost on the Sea Eagle..

Then Sam came and had something delicious for the Hast eagle. It was something to make it sleep  but it smelled yummy. The bird came down very slowly and took one bite and the Hast eagle went to sleep. Sam took the Hast Eagle to the zoo.


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