I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Magnificent 4x100 Meter Relays

My favourite Olympic Sport is 4x100 meter relays.
This sport is played on court .
It is a team/individual sport. It is a individual sport

The current Olympic Champion for4x100 meter is Jamaica.

4x100 meter relays is my favourite sport because it  tells me about how it keeps you fit.
You can wake up in the morn and then go for a run on the field. You can also go to the gym and maintain for an hour.

Another reason, running s my favourite sport is cause [tell me about fame/money]
When you are famous you’ll get a lot of money and you’ll live in a big house and be very very rich and people will get excited and they will give you $ 100,000

The next reason is it  tells me about enjoyment
like if you win a match they watch you run around but when you see Usain Bolt win he will do ten or nine push up.

Finally, I know what my favourite sport is it the 4x100 meter relays is my favourite sport because my favourite runner is Usain Bolt.

From the reasons I have given above, you can see that my favourite sport is 4x100 meter relays. It is played on court and it is an individual sport and the champion of my sport is Usain Bolt.


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