I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Thursday, 26 June 2014

I want to be a millionaire

Walt: Write in paragraphs.

If I win the lotto I might get one million dollars. I would do a lot of things with a million dollars. First I will pay for all the bills and then I would want to buy two big cars for my family too. I would also like to buy food for my family so that they won’t be hungry. I would like to take them to a restaurant in the weekends and to take them somewhere special when its their birthday.

I wanted to be a millionaire because I can travel around the world with my family and to buy a big house for my family to live in. The kind of house I would want will be made out of wood and will be as big as a mansion. I want to live in a America and to be neighbours with my uncle, Auntie and cousins. The state I would like to live in would be Anaheim, California.

I would also want to be a millionaire because I want to go to Disney land and to go to a good school and get good education. When I get older I will want to go to college and then when I finish from college I will go to university. When I finish from university I will look for a good work to work for.

I want to be a millionaire because I would like to be is to be a house painter like my dad. I would want to be a painter because every time my dad comes home he gets two thousand dollars. MY dad get two thousand dollars because he paints and builds.     


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