I am In Room 11 and my teacher is Mrs Ramkolowan

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Tooth Traditions From Around The World

Many people around the world do different stuff with their teeth. Like Japanese throw it on the roof and Argentina’s put it into a glass so a rat can come and get it. I am going to tell what these countries do with their teeth.

In Afghanistan when a child’s tooth comes out they throw it into a mouse hole or rat hole. The Afghanistan's throw their teeth  into the hole because they want their other tooth to grow strong and healthy and white so when they eat stuff it won’t hurt.

In Argentina they put their teeth into a glass of water at night time while they are sleeping. Then a little mouse will go and drink the water and take the tooth. After that the mouse will leave candy or coins inside the cup.

Sometimes children in Brazil throw their teeth out onto the streets. Then they ask the birds to come take it and when they take the tooth they will bring a new one. The birds will only take the tooth if it has no cavities.

Egyptian children wrap their teeth in a tissue and take it outside. Then they throw it at the sun and asking them to take their buffalo tooth and bring them back a nice tooth. So when they smile it will look white and will be strong .

At my house we put it under our pillow when we go to sleep. When we wake up in the morning we find a bucket of lollies or $20. Sometimes my brothers think it was the tooth fairy. When I tell them it wasn’t the tooth fairy then they say it was our mum.

I think people should still do what they do with their teeth in their country because it is amazing. I didn’t know that when Indonesia's throw their teeth straight on their roof it will be straight and if they throw it crooked the their teeth will be crooked.


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